“Valentina Solimene” is an Italian handmade accessories brand launched in Naples in 2015. The idea standing behind my brand emerged from my personal experience with motherhood. I was looking for comfy and well-made matching accessories to style my little Lavinia’s hair and complete her outfits with a touch of contemporary glam. But everything I could find looked like “too less” or “too much”. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for either in physical or online shops… just because what I was actually looking for were custom accessories!!!
I told myself: “My Grandma taught me how to sew, she left me an amazing box full of vintage Liberty of London scraps… So why don’t try to create beautiful and unique hair accessories by myself?” So, a little bit for fun and a little bit for real, I started to design and create new accessories with my own hands, first for my daughter Lavinia, and then for my friends’ little and grown-up girls. Moms immediately loved them, and step by step, thanks to the incredible power of the social media WOM, my passion quickly turned into a successful business… so hunging up my lawyer’s toga in the closet, I dedicated my heart and soul to what I really loved to do in my life… and it didn’t take long before the doors of the world opened up to my creations with important collaboration for the creation of custom capsule accessories for international kids clothing brands..
Why should you choose to buy my accessories? The answer is only one, just because “Valentina Solimene” is me. Choosing my creations you are buying more than some pretty objects. You are spread the love story behind them made of hundreds hours of searching, projecting and testing the best solution for your little girls. Lots of moments of frustration and a single perfect moment of pure joy… when a new model finally comes out and it is simply perfect! Each piece represents an original creation, proudly and entirely 100 % handmade in Italy with traditional techniques and care to details. In each creation you will always find my original ideas, a piece of my creative soul, my love for colors… something that is so exclusive and unique because it has been created by me just for you!
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